Kyarghnaal Language

Kyarghnaal Language
The Language of the Hills of Arlinga

Monday, 24 June 2013

Sorry I've Neglected You

This is to be an apology post, though by the time I've finished with it, it may have turned into more.  I have not posted in a long time, in spite of good feedback, so I am sorry to any who may have been waiting.

I am not a natural blogger, as some people are.  When I get the urge to write, all that creative energy usually gets expended in novels, short stories, or poetry.  People may assume that a writer's inspiration comes from some mystical realm of pure enjoyment, which is partly the case, but the primary source of inspiration may be simply having something to write about.

The biggest thing that has happened since I last wrote to you is that I have finished the proofreading process on my first book, "Arlinga: Concerning a Man", and am now waiting for the editor to get back from Britain.  I have been assembling a costume, with the help of a nice seamstress I know.  This, along with feedback from my parents (with whom I share an understanding of the world of Arlinga), will hopefully make the story more real to people, as well as give me an idea of how it feels to be in the shoes of a Sheewa.  (If that last word throws you off, look through my previous posts!)

Also, I have submitted several poems to a certain international poetry prize committee, and I look forward to hearing back sometime in December.  My poetic style might be called an offshoot of the Romantic movement, and it may seem strange to those who are used to unstructured poetry, free from any discernible rules.  I work according to rules.  Strangely, I find that abiding by restrictions in certain areas helps to stoke the fires of poetic feeling.  Plus, I just prefer poetry with rhyme and meter.

I hope you all have a good evening!

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