Kyarghnaal Language

Kyarghnaal Language
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Monday, 26 November 2012

The Author as a Reader

Attempting to write books without reading any is like trying to bake a cake without flour.  An appreciation for good writing is essential for the production of it.

Now, maybe some people simply want to be seen as writers, aloof from the world, dressing differently, using big words.  Or perhaps these individuals think writers have an easy life, where all that is needed is to put words down on paper and wait for other people to give them money.  I would challenge such people to pick up a Dickens novel or Kipling short story and ask themselves, "Could I write as well as this?"

Even as a relative beginner, I have learned that, like a painter, most of a writer's time is spent tediously correcting, improving, and refining creative products.  A great deal of free time goes into this process.

The truth is that if it was easy, it would not be worth doing.

And here again the importance of reading comes forth again.  One must choose the genre and author that most pleases one's taste, and use that writing as insurance against discouragement, which writers feel just as often as other people do.  When the world closes in about a writer's ears, he can still sit at the feet of a master and watch the old pen perform its magic.

The occupation of writing must not be approached from a position of laziness, but rather from an admiration for the art.


  1. I feel like you just expressed a tiny portion of who I am! I am, finally, tackling my first full length novel. I've spent years picking up various authors, reading style after style of writings trying to refine my own methods and ideals. Whenever I get stuck or feel discouraged, I step away from my work and pick up that of my favorite authors! I also find inspiration in reading blogs by other up and coming authors to relate with their struggles and joy in their successes! Thank you!

    1. I'm so glad someone out there is appreciating my posts! Thank you for your comment, and good luck with your novel!